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Any plumbing system in the world can be clogged, no matter how careful its users might be. The stuff that people try to run through the garbage disposals alone would most likely surprise you! Nobody really realizes the importance of a drain cleaning service like ours until it happens to them! If you have a clogged drain, is ready to attack the problem and fix it for you, fast!

We promise, we’ve seen everything – including:

Collapsed or Leaky Drains – if you see the soil in your yard or property that seems to be sinking, you could have a collapsed drain or a leaking pipe underground. If you see something like this, be aware that you could have a serious problem, and you need to call an expert right away.

Replacements or Repairs of Damaged Drains – if you have deteriorated or damaged drains, we have the right equipment, expertise, and knowledge to take care of you, turnkey, no matter the level of difficulty.

Obstructed Drains – a blockage in your drain can occur from excessive amounts of toilet paper, hair, or any other type of debris. Our experts can take care of anything that might be blocking your drain or pipes.

New or Replaced Sewer Lines – Are you building a new home? Or maybe remodeling an existing build? We would be happy to have the opportunity to replace, repair, or install your sewer lines, whatever you may need. Our experts are exactly that – experts – and they’ll do an expert job at any challenge you may face with your sewer system.

We are confident that we can solve any drain cleaning problem you may have, large or small, with our combination of expert skills, craftsmanship, and top of the line professional equipment. Most drainage problems come from user error, so you can’t shock us! Whatever it is, we’ll have it fixed and ready to go in record time, and it will get done right the first time.

Let us help you with all your drain cleaning problems – you’ll be so glad you called.

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It’s never a bad time to call 323-4-PLMBRS. We consider every plumbing need an emergency, so we’re ready to come to your aid 24/7/365. Just give us a call and we’ll have experts there to help you with that thingamajig that you’re better off not trying to fix on your own… Call us now!

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Frequently asked questions

Can I dissolve a clog in a drain without chemicals?

Try starting by pouring a box of baking soda down your drain, then boil several cups of water & pour it slowly down the offending drain. This is a chemical-free option that can often end up getting rid of your clog without even spending any money. If this doesn’t work, then click & call us!

Is Drano safe for plumbing?

Short answer: no. Drano is a very harsh and caustic combination of chemicals, and it can damage your pipes, crack your toilet bowl, dissolve the glue in your plumbing joints, and eat away old pipes completely, causing them to leak. Plumbing professionals do not recommend using Drano on your clogs.

How can I keep my drains from getting clogged in the first place?

Every so often, it might be a good idea to dump about 1/4 cup of normal table salt down the drains in your home, followed by a few cups of plain white vinegar. Let it sit for an hour or so, the rinse thoroughly with hot water. This should help keep your drain unobstructed. Be aware that if you have a septic system, running salt down your drains can do damage to plants in the runoff area (as in the sprinkler system of an aerobic septic system). However, this can also be a solution to keeping roots out of your pipes if you have a lot of trees in your yard or on your property. The salt kills the roots tendrils that might make their way into your pipes, but shouldn’t be enough to actually damage the tree itself.