Sewer Backflow Prevention

Protecting the water supply of your home is worth some effort and resources, and back flow prevention is a measure every homeowner must take. When sewer back flow happens, your water lines are left with contaminated water inside them.

The technicians at can take care of you before you develop a problem with annual maintenance and testing. If you do happen to have an emergency, we can handle the back flow repairs as well. We will not stop until we’re sure your entire system is functioning the way it was designed, and that your clean water supply is effectively protected, so you and your family can be assured that your water supply is not only potable, but in excellent condition. 

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If there’s no repair required, we will never charge you for the trip – and no overtime fees either! Every crew is made up of highly experienced and skilled plumbing technicians who are experts at spotting the source of your problem, as well as taking time to describe every aspect of the solution that will solve your issues. Never trust repairs – or even preventative inspections – to anyone less than a plumbing expert.

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Frequently asked questions

How does a Sewer backflow preventer work?

Sometimes called a sewer backflow valve, it is designed to prevent sewage or water from entering your home in the event that your sewer system becomes overloaded or overwhelmed. Consisting of a small flap with floats, it mechanically “detects” when the flow has reversed and closes, disallowing the backflow to happen.

Are there different types of sewer backflow preventers?

Yes. Among them are Automatic Flood Gate Valve, Sewer Check Valve, Manual Sewer Gate Valve, Air Gap Backflow Preventer, and Specialized Backflow Preventer. They all have slightly different designs for varying functions, but all need to be installed by a licensed plumber.

What are the benefits of a sewer backflow preventer?

Mainly, the reason a backflow preventer exists is to prevent the backflow of sewage from municipal lines or private septic system lines into your home, which can not only contaminate your living space but your drinking water as well. This is paramount, considering such contamination can contain parasites, viruses, funguses and bacteria responsible for many diseases and infections.