Clogged Drain

If your sink doesn’t seem to be draining fast enough, or your bathtub is taking too long to empty out after a warm bath, a clogged drain could be your problem, whether it’s partially or fully clogged. Our technicians are all experts in clearing, cleaning – and if you have a broken or damaged drain – fixing it for you. Sometimes we use a video camera to remotely inspect the inside of your pipes to see where the problem is. We will always remove whatever the clog is without leaving any mess or bad smells!

When our technicians shows up, he will weigh all options and decide which path is the appropriate one to take. When he reaches a conclusion, he will then proceed to take all the time needed to thoroughly explain to you the entire problem, why it needs attention, what the best course of action is, and how he plans to take care of it for you. 

There is no problem you could have in your drains that we don’t have the expertise, the equipment, the knowledge, and the wherewithal to fix for you – and it will be done right the first time!

We provide these services for our customers with clogged drains:

•Chemical Cleaning

•Trap Cleaning

•Hydro Jetting

•Pipe Snaking

While we’re always more than happy to show up and help you with your clogged drains, there are several preventative steps you can take in order to keep your drains from clogging in the first place.

Since prevention is the ultimate solution, here are a few tips for preventing drain clogging:

-When using the garbage disposal, use COLD water (not hot). The cold water keeps the oils and fats solid so they don’t adhere to the walls of your drains in liquid form and then stick there as they cool, creating greater opportunities for clogging.

-Keep your drains covered with screens or custom drain covers. Many sinks come with covers already installed.

-Don’t run oil, coffee, grease, or potato peels down your disposal. A good rule of thumb is this: if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t expect your disposal to either!

We want you to be a happy, healthy homeowner – so here’s hoping you can prevent getting your drains clogged in the first place. But if they do, please call us and let our professional drain cleaning crew take care of your problem, and do it right the first time! 

A clogged drain is not something that can wait, so call us anytime – we’ll be excited to serve you.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you dissolve a clog or gunk in a drain?

A good place to start is this: pour about 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain, in dry form. Bring several cups (a kettle) of water to a boil, pour it slowly down the clogged drain, and allow 10 minutes for it to work its magic. Sometimes this will solve your problem without even spending money on a plumber or pouring harsh chemicals down your drain. If the clog persists, call us!

Why do plumbers hate Drano so much?

Drano is a very harsh chemical that is made to sit in your pipes until it unclogs the drain. While it sits in your pipes, it is constantly reacting and generating heat. This can actually cause damage to your plumbing, especially in a toilet, because toilet bowls can crack. Drano can also eat away at the glue in pipe joints, as well as damage old and corroded pipes.

How do you keep drains unclogged?

Periodically, you can put about a tablespoon of salt down the drain, followed by 1/4 cup of plain white vinegar. Let it sit for about an hour, then run your hot water for a couple minutes to get rid of the junk you just loosened.