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Backed up toilet? Call us today! If you are experiencing any problems flushing your toilet, or even worse, if your toilet has flooded your bathroom, don’t hesitate to contact a local plumbing expert. 

At, you can guarantee that you will find the professional plumber you need, and fast! We understand that having a broken toilet can be extremely inconvenient, and even stressful! Call our team today for 24 hour plumbing repairs, and we will get our expert out to you in no time. We are here to help with any situation, and your toilet will be as good as new ASAP!

Here are some of the toilet repairs that our plumbers can help you with:

•Clearing Clogs

•Upgrading Tanks


•Replacing Toilet

After a thorough inspection of your toilet and your plumbing system, our expert plumber will determine the underlying issue, and find the correct solution. Our plumbers are committed to helping you thoroughly understand both the problem and the solution options before deciding on the method of fixing the issue. we want you to be able to put your full trust in our plumbers, and know that they will get the job done right, and at the right price. Our plumbing experts will work with speed, cleanliness, and integrity to service your plumbing. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

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Contact our team of local expert plumbers right now to request an inspection of your broken toilet. Our plumber will determine the problem, and the best possible solution for you. If you need a replacement, our plumbing expert will help you work through your options and determine the perfect appliance for your home. 

Our team of professional plumbing experts is trustworthy and efficient. You can always expect our plumber to show up on time and get the job done. Providing top-quality plumbing repair services is our highest priority, and we always put the customer first. We hope to help you with your plumbing issues this time and every time!

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Frequently asked questions

How long do toilet parts last?

It depends on the quality of the parts, but usually you can expect 4-5 years before you have to replace anything. However, if you use a chemical toilet bowl cleaner, some flappers won’t even last a year. 

Why does my toilet keep refilling?

The level of water in the flush tank is controlled by a float. If the float is set too high, water will spill over into the overflow tube, the valve won’t close, and the water will keep running. But if it’s set too low, the toilet’s flush can be too weak to work correctly. It’s usually fairly easy to keep adjusting the level of the float until it works correctly and doesn’t keep running.

How much does it cost to remove and install a toilet?

In general, you can expect a professional plumber to charge you around $30-50 to remove your old toilet; then figure 2-4 hours of labor at an average of $65/hour for the replacement process. Of course, those costs can vary quite a bit depending on the specific situation.