Garbage Disposal Repair

Do you cook for a whole family, or just for yourself? Either way, you probably use your garbage disposal every day to get rid of your food scraps and other organic (hopefully!) kitchen debris.

When your garbage disposal clogs up or becomes worn out or weakens, you might know it simply by the smell it produces in your kitchen. It can also keep you from using your kitchen like it was designed, keep you from getting your dishes clean, prevent you from preparing meals, and so much more. Most people’s kitchen is their gathering place, so you most likely cannot afford to have the kitchen out of commission, even if it’s just from a bad garbage disposal!

Once you realize you need some garbage disposal love, you can be confident in us to come help you get everything back up and running like it should be. When we get your call, we’ll send out a trained technician to assess the problem and do whatever it takes to get you back in business.

We are prepared to help you with any of the following issues you may run into with a problematic garbage disposal:

-ineffective or non-operational 

-garbage disposal refuses to turn off

-disposal emits strange or disturbing noises

-bad smell coming from sink area

-sink won’t drain or is slow to drain

-disposal is leaking underneath the sink

Once we’ve determined what the problem actually is, we’ll fully explain the situation & recommend a solution to you. We can even do a full plumbing system evaluation at your request, at zero extra cost to you, if you’d like to check out everything and make sure there aren’t any other existing issues that might give you trouble in the future. 

We would be more than happy to find the best cost-effective solution for you and your garbage disposal problems! We will never charge you overtime, and will never charge you for a visit only. You can trust us to make the appropriate adjustments or repairs to your garbage disposal, we’ll leave the place cleaner than we find it, and you’ll have no worries about any of your plumbing whatsoever.

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Frequently asked questions

Are you supposed to clean out your garbage disposal?

If you periodically clean your garbage disposal, it can prevent a bad smell from taking over, and can also potentially extend the life of your disposal. To clean, run rock salt and ice through it, or you can try baking soda and vinegar as well.

should you run water when you’re using your garbage disposal?

Absolutely. It washes the food particles down the drain, preventing buildup of food and food smells. The only thing a garbage disposal actually does is pulverize your food into very small particles – it’s up to you to get rid of them by washing them down the drain.

What should I not put down my garbage disposal?

A sample listing of what NOT to put down your garbage disposal could include: Coffee Grounds, Animal Bones, Nuts and Shells, Pits and Seeds, Onion Layers, Egg Shells, and Fibrous or Stringy Fruits and Vegetables. Basically, you don’t want to run anything through your disposal that you couldn’t actually eat. if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it down your drain. Plus some that you would eat (celery, potato peels, etc.)